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The Jewelry CAD Institute

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About The Jewelry CAD Institute

The Jewelry CAD Institute has been training over 1800 members since 2008 in the use of Matrix and Rhinoceros 3-D CAD programs. We provide training services from basic to advanced users for modeling in the jewelry trade. We provide CAD modeling and printing services for clients all over the world. We have produced over 150 professional videos, inclusive of Matrix and Rhino, for your training purposes which can be downloaded onto your computer. SOON TO COME RHINO 7 VIDEOS!

Russ Hyder, President-CEO of The Jewelry CAD Institute, has been developing and instructing CAD for jewelry since 2001 in multiple applications. He is a 45 year jewelry industry specialist with experience in retail, engraving, master bench jeweler skills, casting, CAD/CAM modeling and instruction in Matrix and Rhinoceros software. He is considered an expert in the trade from being a 5 year apprentice in bench work through developing programs in CAD for GIA and The Jewelry CAD Institute. He has taught all over the world on 4 continents and has developed a methodology to more efficient cad design.

Expert Training and Modeling…

We are educators and professional modelers in Matrix and Rhinoceros 3D software for the jewelry trade.

Professional Printing Services…

We also grow or print models from CAD files produced by us or outside clients.

Download Our Videos to Your Computer…

We have produced over 150 videos in Matrix and Rhino for you to download for your training experience.

Reasons our videos will help you be successful

  • Our instruction will help you become more efficient in time and accuracy.

    Reason #1
  • The techniques and workflow are our proprietary way of instruction.

    Reason #2
  • The videos will take you through step by step in detail during projects of real world applications and general lessons.

    Reason #3
  • Our videos will show you how to set up for rendering and for manufacture.

    Reason #4

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Matrix Training

Learn Matrix with The Jewelry CAD's training versions 7.5-9 through our videos spanning beginning through advanced workflows. Advanced time saving techniques will make you more efficient.

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Rhino Training

Learn Rhinoceros with The Jewelry CAD's training using version 6 and 7 to enhance your workflow with techniques from beginning to advanced to save you time. Over 64 Lessons and 50 Project Videos are included.

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